Announcement of Doubles Rotation Tournament (Example)

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Details about tournament no. 1 ...

I invite you to participate in testing the principle of operation of the Doubles Rotation Tournament. This is only a virtual tournament without actual play on the tennis court.

Since the player database was not yet large enough, several accounts of well-known tennis players were automatically created for testing purposes.

Be sure to try these steps during testing:
  1. Close player registration (use the hyperlink below).
  2. Save the results of individual drawn games
  3. Close the tournament to announce the winner.

The organizer of tournament no. 1 (My first Doubles Rotation Tournament) is Onno Van der Linden & Andrey Rublev.

Tournament no. 1 (My first Doubles Rotation Tournament) is closed.

You do not have permission to make a final group.

Best Player Winner: Onno Van der Linden!

Players (total 9) tournament no. 1 (My first Doubles Rotation Tournament):
Registration to the tournament is closed.

OrderStateNameMatch countWon gamesLost gamesRatioTrendPayment
1Onno Van der Linden548251.92 4
2Aryna Sabalenka659421.4 4
3Elena Rybakina653401.33 1
4Daniil Medvedev433350.94 1
5Carlos Alcaraz533400.83 1
6Coco Gauff640520.77 1
7Jannik Sinner427360.75 1
8Novak Djokovic533450.73 3
9Iga Swiatek314250.56 2

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Match results tournament no. 1 ( My first Doubles Rotation Tournament).
Meantime were played 11 matches and 170 games.
Tournament is closed.

11Onno Van der LindenAryna SabalenkaNovak DjokovicCoco Gauff116
10Jannik SinnerElena RybakinaCarlos AlcarazIga Swiatek111
9Onno Van der LindenCoco GauffElena RybakinaDaniil Medvedev114
8Novak DjokovicIga SwiatekCarlos AlcarazAryna Sabalenka211
7Aryna SabalenkaOnno Van der LindenCoco GauffJannik Sinner112
6Elena RybakinaNovak DjokovicIga SwiatekDaniil Medvedev311
5Coco GauffCarlos AlcarazNovak DjokovicAryna Sabalenka811
4Elena RybakinaOnno Van der LindenCarlos AlcarazCoco Gauff112
3Jannik SinnerAryna SabalenkaDaniil MedvedevElena Rybakina1013
2Aryna SabalenkaDaniil MedvedevElena RybakinaCarlos Alcaraz511
1Onno Van der LindenJannik SinnerCoco GauffNovak Djokovic411

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